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Cosmetic Skin Clinic Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, UK

Cosmetic Treatments have been around for centuries. There are fascinating historical examples of Egyptian “Surgeons” having a go, and there lieth the problem.

How can you be sure, that the Doctor or Surgeon, in whom you place your trust, has the skill and caring to make your experience just perfect!

The Aesthetic Skin Clinic and our Cosmetic Surgery Partners have been offering cosmetic medical and surgery solutions for our patients for over 20 years. Each of the medical team is recognized as a leader in their field, by both patients and colleagues, through lecturing, academic achievements and by the excellence of their work.

Most of all, we are doctors, who care about you, our patients, and who place your health and interests as our primary concern.

Our promise to you is excellence in cosmetic dermatology and surgery, delivered by an up to date and skilled medical team, using cutting edge technologies in a safe medical environment.

One of my favorite quotes, "anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old", by the philosopher Franz Kafka, sums up the spirit of so many of our patients. We will never lose sight of the deeply personal nature of what we do for you and delight in helping you achieve your goal. Whatever it may be.

Best regards


Dr John Curran

Lead physician

Aesthetic Skin Clinics